44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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A review of the connections between folk music and folk dance research and the dance house movement (as a social phenomenon). This study starts with the research of Bartók and Kodály (inspiration), continues through the great Hungarian folk music and folk dance researchers that coddled and encouraged the dance house movement – a revival movement based on a solid background of scientific research. Amongst the researchers mentioned are: Martin, Vargyas, Lajtha, Andrásfalvy, Pesovár (2 brothers), Kallós, Domokos, Olsvai. The study ends with commentary on the 2001 dissolution of the former Folk Dancer’s and Musicians Resource Center – the Szakmai Ház. A paper written and presented by Berán István at a conference held in conjunction with the 24th Kecskemét Folk Music Festival.