44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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Food and Hungarian tradition – customs surrounding feeding infants and toddlers. Excerpts from five old publications which include information on customs from the peasant culture surrounding new mothers, breast feeding, weaning the baby and the baby’s first foods. Cited here are: Ethnographia 1899: Richter Magyar István: beliefs about the infant in Németpróna/Nitrianske Pravno (Slovakia). Szendrey Zsigmond – Szendrey Ákos: Magyarság Néprajza 4. 1937: Caring for the infant, breast feeding, weaning. Ecsedi István 1935: Eating habits of Hungarians of Debrecen and the Tisza River regions. Kardos Ferenc 1943: Folk eating habits of Hungary’s Őrség region. Kapros Márta 1986: Customs and beliefs related to birth in the Ipoly/Ipeľ River region (Slovakia). By Juhász Katalin.