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Kóka Rozália: Reverend Bognóczky Géza (Szászváros/ Orăștie, Romania 1901 - 1963 Hidas, Hungary) - was the Calvinist minister who took many of the photographs in this publication. Kóka Rozália provides us with information on his life. He was Calvinist minister in Andrásfalva, Bukovina from 1931 until he left in 1941 with his congregation for resettlement in Hungary. It was amongst his duties as a village leader to document the residents going to Hungary, and…he had a camera. Includes entries from his journal and quote about his death in 1963 from the newspaper Presbiter 2008 Nov, Dec.

Pages 12-30 Black and white photographs taken between 1940 and 1943 by Bognóczy Géza, Horváth József, and dr Kaiser József. They portray Székely Bukovina residents in Bukovina before departure, the route to Hungary, arrival in Bácska and follow-up propoganda/documentation/proof of successful resettlement photos.