44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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A short piece about a trip to the village of Ördöngösfüzes/in Transylvania’s Mezőség region in the mid 1980s. The village is well-known amongst dance house movement folks for its beautiful dances and music. This is a humble description of amateur dance and music collection efforts at a wedding there. They soon ran out of super 8 film and empty cassettes, so they „watched the dancers, drank the beer and were present at the event.” They had hoped to see some kind of unusual wedding dance tradition. The local people told them such a thing would occur at dawn. They were surprised/disappointed when well into morning the next day people stood up excitedly to dance what is known as the ’stork dance’, in Hungarian „gólyatánc” – a couple dance from the layer of dances danced by the bourgeoise from the end of the 19th century (perhaps something similar to this: ) By Szávai József.